What is the NewHope weight loss surgery?

The NewHope weight loss surgery method is a powerful weight loss tool that can help patients eat less but still feel satisfied. It is approved by the FDA and patients across the United States are reaching dramatic weight loss goals with this minimally invasive surgery.

It is important to keep in mind that the NewHope weight loss process is more than just a surgery. In order to lose weight, patients must take on a complete lifestyle commitment, which is why Bear Lake Memorial Hospital is the best choice for weight loss surgery.

Bear Lake Memorial Hospital is committed to being an integral part of your weight loss goals. We understand that your weight loss journey is only effective when you can maintain the weight loss. So, we have a team of professionals who understand how to help you lose weight and then stay at a healthy weight for years to come.

We make sure each and every patient has the proper information to make an informed decision about their weight loss surgery. Then, we have Dr. Podany, who has performed more than 1000 surgeries, perform the actual procedure. Each patient is cared for by a team of caring nurses during and after the surgery. When you go home to lose the weight, we have the support, resources, and staff to help teach you and cheer for you as you get back to a healthy, active weight and lifestyle.

The cost of the NewHope weight loss surgery is significantly less expensive than other the weight loss surgeries. You get a better price, a better surgeon, and better staff and support to make a better you. Here's a brochure with more details about the two surgical options.